Join the 30 for 30 Ask Challenge Today!

For the month of June, commit to making one ask to your supporters every day for 30 days - text, call, email, send a postcard... Or post one of the cute shareables below on your socials!
We don’t always know who has been affected by HIV - have you asked everyone you know to support your goals? Sharing why YOU care about this cause on social media, or in a message to all of your supporters, can go a long way.

Make me a match!

Make a self-donation, then share the action on your socials and ask your followers to match your contribution!
Already made a self-donation? It's not too late to tell your supporters about it, then ask them to make a pledge to match it! Include the fun shareable below to add some flare to your emails and messages! 

Get started by setting a goal of raising $100 in support of our agencies.